Toni Martin, Parent

26 March 2017

During the spring my husband and I were cleaning up our backyard. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter was “helping” us and walked right into our pool with both of us right there. My husband dove in after her and when he got to her she had already flipped over on her back, floated to the top and was kicking her feet. This happened within seconds, but she remembered what she learned last summer in her ISR swimming lessons with Cora Murray.

I’m am so grateful that we put her in the ISR classes and can’t wait to do refresher lessons this summer.

Paula Payton, Parent

18 August 2009

Dr. Barnett and the ISR RET Team

Infant Swimming Resource, LLC (“ISR”)

Dear Dr. Barnett and the ISR RET Team:

This is an unsolicited letter commending the unflagging dedication and skill of your Marana, Az. based ISR Instructor, Ms. Tracy McClure.

We have completed our first set of refresher lessons for our daughter Grace, a year from our original ISR experience with Tracy. Once again, Tracy has elevated our three-year old’s water self-rescue skills to a new level of competency. Grace is safe, and though we are ever vigilant when she is around water, my husband and I have peace of mind, thanks to Tracy.

Specifically, Tracy’s superior:

Passion- Her commitment and enthusiasm for the ISR system makes her an unassailable ambassador for ISR and water safety for children in general. There is no one more genuine, no one more convincing, and no one more effective, given her passion for making kids safe.

Teaching Skill- Her patience, experience and problem-solving skill render her an impressive instructor. We know that Grace often posed a challenge, “stumping” Tracy. In response, Tracy consulted with other instructors, and persevered…all to the benefit of Grace’s safety.

Service-Mindedness/ Rapport with Children- Finally, Tracy’s interest in creating a good experience for all involved: child in the water, and parent at the poolside or computer, meant that Tracy was always responsive, and service-minded, even when there was no benefit to her. When we recently struggled with a website update when our child had a mild ear infection, Tracy helped us navigate the system, and even offered free lessons (which, naturally, we declined).

Net, Tracy has earned our highest recommendation and support for her accomplishments as an ISR Instructor. She’s changed our life…and likely saved our daughter’s, for which we are inexpressibly grateful.

Wishing you continued success with ISR,

Paula Payton

Kenneth Costich, Parent

30 January 2011
Reference: the ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) Program TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

I have recently been asked to narrate my experiences with and perception of the ISR Program. Eleven plus year ago, after learning that I was going to become the father of twin boys at the very, very young age of 58, I became (after overcoming my initial anxiety) very concerned about one problem in particular. As a resident of Tucson, Arizona, I knew that it was one of the four states in which drowning was the principle cause of death for children under the age of four. Perhaps it was because I was older and wiser, but I just knew that in spite of all the government mandated safety rules and fence requirement, a child could plunge into the water in a split second without notice despite being surrounded by well-intentioned and responsible, yet distracted, adults.

Having been a resident of South Florida for 26 years, I vaguely remembered hearing about a special program that had been developed for water “survival” in Orlando. I desperately asked around Tucson about the existence of this program…of course, most thought I was crazy and referred me to “swim” school, the American Red Cross and the YMCA…al of which taught swimming, but none taught survival. I kept searching and in August of 2001, a friend told me about this great program that Tracie Paulsen had started in Tucson called “ISR”. I jumped for joy as I recognized the name and instantly enrolled my young (born 15 October 1999) in her classes. They screamed, they yelled, they hated it, but in a few short weeks, they knew how to “swim-float-swim” and I breathed a sigh of relief…and for the next two years, we went back for refresher courses until, guess what? They actually decided they loved swimming and playing in the water.

I must stop here and say a word about their instructor, Tracie Paulsen…she was marvelous with the boys. She had that mix of warmth and tenderness, yet she was un-yieldingly firm with them in her demand for their performance and safety. Coach Tracie was not only their savior; she was their friend.

I am a huge advocate of the program and I preach it to everyone I know with young children and grandchildren. I have attached a couple of letters I wrote to Newsweek about their irresponsibility in dealing with the subject, a letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics about their irresponsibility in protecting the lives of children as it pertains to swimming safety and their attitude toward it and a copy of an email in response to an inquiry from Dr. Harvey Barnett that should adequately indicate my absolute belief and confidence in ISR as the only real method to keep our children safe around water. You will not in one of the letters (to the AAP) that the ISR actually saved the life of one of my sons. My bottom line: ISR training is the cheapest life insurance one can buy…and it is a ticket to avoid the unimaginable heartbreak of losing a child.



Kenneth J. Costich