“Initial Training” vs. “Graduation”

After the 4-6 weeks commonly required to learn and internalize the ISR Self-Rescue™ technique, your child is prepared for water safety. It’s tempting to say they have “graduated” the ISR program, but that de-emphasizes the fact that safety and survival are continuing, life-long endeavors.

Maintenance Lessons

Once your child had completed the ISR Self-Rescue™ Course, you may schedule weekly Maintenance Lessons in order to continue practicing his or her skills on a weekly basis. Persistent practice keeps the technique fresh, maximizing your child’s ability to rescue themselves and survive.

A minimum of 4 lessons must be scheduled and paid in advance. Most maintenance lessons are scheduled once a week or twice every other week. Time slots are very limited-speak to your instructor if you think your child could benefit from maintenance lessons.

Refresher Lessons

Upon completion of their initial lessons, every child should take a short 1-3 week refresher course the following year to help them adjust to their new body size in the water and re-evaluate their skill set.