Why Choose ISR?

How is ISR different?

Before you take your baby to the local pool for swim lessons, make sure you’ve given equal consideration to the critical importance of swimming and water safety techniques. ISR is the safest swim instruction method nationwide, providing clinically researched instruction techniques to ensure that your child is learning Self-Rescue™ skills and the competence required to enjoy the water. No other swim class offers a proven system for safely teaching your child to enjoy the fun of swimming, while at the same time teaching life saving skills that are proven to save lives.

The intellectual property behind ISR’s method of training centers on the self-rescue methodology developed by Dr. Harvey Barnett. ISR’s foundation of continuous research and evaluation ensures the safety of the program for your child.

  • ISR has trained more than 200,000 babies and delivered more than 7 million lessons across the United States.
  • ISR is a medically sound program proven to save lives
  • To date, ISR has over 800 documented cases of children using ISR techniques to save themselves from drowning.

Floatation Devices Aren’t Enough

Flotation devices such as vests, arm bands, flotation swim suits, etc, give children a false sense of security and hold them in postures that are not compatible with swimming skills. If a child learns that he can jump in the water and go into a vertical posture and he will be able to breathe, he is getting the wrong idea about that environment. Flotation devices are for children who cannot swim. Children who cannot swim should not be allowed to learn that it is safe to play in the water while relying on a crutch. Life jackets must be worn in a boat or around the water when there is the potential for an accidental submersion; they are not a substitute for the ability to swim or for adult supervision.

Technique & Lessons

For the last 40 years, ISR’s hands-on instruction technique has been researched and developed to offer a proven system for safely teaching your child to enjoy the fun of swimming, while at the same time teaching life saving survival swimming skills. Unlike other programs, lessons are:

  • Customized and taught one-on-one by a certified ISR instructor
  • Last for 10 minutes, Monday through Friday for 4 to 6 weeks
  • Emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education
  • Provide your child with the competence and confidence to safely enjoy the water