Infant Swimming Resource: Self-Rescue™

The safest provider of life-protecting lessons for children from 6-months to 6-years. Giving children survival skills and water confidence since 1966.


“Not One More Child Drowns”

That’s the bold mission of Infant Swimming Resource. And, with 45 years of research and development, we have a proven program to make this dream a reality.

The child in the video is using actual techniques taught in ISR lessons. With one-of-a-kind curriculum and dedicated instructors, ISR lessons will teach your child to Self-Rescue™ in the same way.

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We have completed our first set of refresher lessons for our daughter Grace, a year from our original ISR experience with [Instructor Tracy McClure]. Once again, Tracy has elevated our three-year old’s water self-rescue skills to a new level of competency. Grace is safe, and though we are ever vigilant when she is around water, my husband and I have peace of mind, thanks to Tracy.Tracy has earned our highest recommendation and support for her accomplishments as an ISR Instructor. She’s changed our life…and likely saved our daughter’s, for which we are inexpressibly grateful.–Paula P., Parent

...[Instructor] Tracie Paulsen…was marvelous with the boys. She had that mix of warmth and tenderness, yet she was un-yieldingly firm with them in her demand for their performance and safety. Coach Tracie was not only their savior; she was their friend.I am a huge advocate of the program and I preach it to everyone I know with young children and grandchildren. ...ISR actually saved the life of one of my sons. My bottom line: ISR training is the cheapest life insurance one can buy and it is a ticket to avoid the unimaginable heartbreak of losing a child.–Kenneth C., Parent

Safe Proprietary Instruction Method

ISR takes children’s well-being seriously. When you enroll, a team of medical professionals review your child’s unique medical history to identify any potential health issues that may affect your child’s safety during lessons.

In the pool, ISR’s instruction protocols ensure that each lesson is safely delivered. Prior to becoming certified, every instructor completes a rigorous training course. They participate in annual re-certification, so you have peace of mind knowing that your child’s safety is in the hands of experts.

Proven Life-Saving Success

The ISR Self-Rescue™ program is the product of dedicated original research and testing. For many decades, Dr. Harvey Barnett and his associates have labored to ensure that ISR provides children with the most effective survival training. All that effort has greatly payed off, resulting in unparalleled results. To date, over 7.8 million ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons have been administered to children all across America. Over 800 children have used ISR technique in a real life-and-death situation in which they would otherwise have drowned.

Customized Lesson Environment

One size does not fit all, especially in matters of life-and-death. ISR lessons teach techniques that are tailor-fit for a wide range of ages and developmental stages, even if the child has not yet learned to talk. Instructors evaluate each child’s unique characteristics, situation, and learning-style to deliver the best learning experience.

Your child will be guided gently and safely to master survival skills. These skills boost confidence and will serve as the foundation for a lifetime of fun, safety, and enjoyment in and around the water.


Embark on the Path of Safety Today

Remember, even if your child cannot talk yet,  be careful if they have learned to crawl, walk, or run. Those are the only skills they need to find themselves in water danger.

For more information about ISR lessons and details for signing up, find the Instructor nearest to you and fill out the easy contact form on their information page.