Tracie Paulsen

“Passion from your pain – you can’t buy that anywhere. It is a gift from God. If I trust God with my anguish, He will birth something precious in me.” ~ Beth Moore

My name is Tracie Paulsen, and the above quote resonates with me because my journey toward becoming an ISR Instructor began with tragedy. Prior to becoming an ISR Instructor, I worked for the Air Force for 15 years, in industrial engineering. One day, a colleague’s life was forever changed when he lost his youngest child to drowning. My compassion for he and his family, and my desire to protect my own children from such a tragedy, ignited in me a search to find some way to prevent the unspeakable grief associated with childhood drowning. That search brought me to the national ISR website, and I immediately enrolled my children in lessons. After watching my 2-year old master self-rescue skills in a matter of a few weeks, I knew that teaching ISR lessons was something I could do to help further the ISR mission that “Not One More Child Drowns”.

I’ve been teaching lessons on the east side of Tucson since 2001. Over the years I have held various positions within the ISR organization such as Business Building Coach, Peer Mentor and Master Instructor. I love every minute of every lesson, even those challenging minutes that build my instructor skills! It brings me great joy to experience each child’s confidence grow in swimming and in every other aspect of life (as reported to me by mom or dad) as they work hard to master their swimming skills.

I married my husband, Allen, in 1986, and we have two beautiful adult children. Our daughter teaches middle and high school science by day and coaches swimming by night. Our son is a Special Mission Aviator in the United States Air Force Reserve Combat Rescue squadron at Davis Monthan AFB. Outside the water, I enjoy my role as a consultant with Family Wings, LLC, and spending time with family and friends. As a family, we love to travel, particularly road tripping! My hobbies include reading, cooking/baking, and relaxing on any beach. My goal for retirement is to complete each of my children’s scrapbooks.

Payment Policy

For current weekly rates and enrollment information, please contact me using the form below.

Payments are due each Monday, cash or check. Please make your checks payable to ISR Tucson East.

Sick Child Policy

There are several conditions that may preclude a lesson on any given day. The most common among those are vomiting and/or diarrhea during the last 24 hours, a fever of 100 degrees or higher during the last 24 hours or eye discharge during the last 48 hours.

Please leave a message on my machine at (520) 751-1530 if your child will not be attending lessons or if you have questions about his/her health. Please use this number ONLY for sick child messages or weather updates.

Weather Policy

If the weather appears questionable on any given day, please check my message machine at (520) 751-1530 for the current day. This message will be updated each day that the weather looks or feels questionable.  If there is not a specific message about lesson cancellation, assume there will be lessons.

Please use this number ONLY for sick child messages or weather updates.



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