Cora Murray

My name is Cora Murray. I am a native to Arizona and have lived in Tucson since 2007. I graduated with an Elementary Education degree from Arizona Christian University and taught middle school for three years before starting a family.

My husband is a fire fighter, and we home school our three girls. Our family loves the water. We love to boat, visit the ocean, and swim any chance we get. I taught traditional swimming lessons when I was in high school; however, when I was introduced to ISR by a friend whose children went through the program I realized it is very different. Another friend introduced me to the teaching side of ISR and I was very intrigued for many reasons. My husband has run on calls with small children involved. Some of the most tragic are drowning incidents.

My children did not go through the ISR program, but I see the eternal value of teaching self rescue to other precious children. The training an ISR instructor receives before we can teach is tremendous and prepares us for making your child successful in a self rescue situation. I look forward to partnering with you and your child.


Payment Policy

For current weekly rates and enrollment information, please contact me using the form below.

Payment is due on the Monday of each week. Cash or check made payable to Cora Murray
First Responder / Military discount available.

Sick Child Policy

There are several conditions that may preclude a lesson on any given day. The most common among those are vomiting and/or diarrhea during the last 24 hours, a fever of 100 degrees or higher during the last 24 hours or eye discharge during the last 48 hours.

Please leave a message at 520-906-2304 if your child will not be attending lessons or if you have questions about his/her health as it relates to lessons.

Weather Policy

If the weather appears questionable on any given day, please check my message machine at 520-906-2304 for the current day. This message will be updated each day that the weather looks or feels questionable. If there is not a specific message about lesson cancellation, assume there will be lessons.



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