Getting Started

Find an Instructor

The first step is to locate an ISR instructor with a teaching location convenient for you. The Instructor Locations page has a list of all instructors affiliated with this website and a map that shows all locations.

Contact the instructor of your choice, using the convenient contact form on their information page, and request information about getting started with ISR. They will guide you through the rest of the steps listed below.

National Registration

All students must complete the registration process through the National ISR office prior to starting their first in-water lesson. Registration forms must be filled out and paid for online. Once you have contacted your chosen instructor, she will send you her personal instructor code to register online.

The National Registration fee will cover the cost of a screening procedure to assess the physical and developmental readiness of your child. It can be paid online via Pay Pal or credit card when you submit the National Registration form.

Once you complete the registration, the home office will contact your instructor and send her your child’s information. You will then get a confirmation from your instructor for a lesson start date and time.

ISR Seal Store

Soon after you receive your e-mail approval, you will receive a voucher for a diaper and t-shirt in your welcome email. If you haven’t received your email with your kit coupon code and registration form, check your spam folder to see if it may have been blocked by the spam filters.

Take your coupon code to where you can use it to redeem one ISR Children’s shirt and one white swim diaper per child registered. Apply the code during the checkout process and be sure to spend the full value of the coupon, it cannot be less. You are welcome to purchase additional items and add them to your order, if you desire.

Attendance Policy

Consistency is crucial when learning survival swimming skills. Bringing your child every day will increase the rate of progress and retention of skills. Lessons are not pro-rated and you are required to pay for all scheduled lessons. Remember you are paying for a time slot and it is important that you strictly adhere to the attendance policy as there is most likely another student waiting for your child’s time slot.

Lessons cancelled by the Instructor (for instructor illness, weather, pool closures, vacation, etc.) are fully credited back to you. If you need special arrangements or have a planned vacation, please feel free to discuss this with your instructor.