ISR History

Founded by Harvey Barnett, Ph.D., in 1966, ISR endeavored to put an end to a preventable tragedy…childhood drowning.

Barnett witnessed the aftermath of this tragedy after a neighbor’s 9 month old son reached the water alone. From that point on, Barnett vowed to do everything possible to ensure that “Not One More Child Drowns”. A behavioral scientist by trade, Barnett adapted his theoretical knowledge of learning to pioneer the Self-Rescue method used by ISR today to teach infants and young children to save themselves should they reach the water alone.

Fortunately, what began as one man’s mission has transformed into a worldwide organization that is continually making large strides toward the day that Not One More Child Drowns. To date, ISR has over 800 documented cases of children using ISR’s Self-Rescue™ techniques to save themselves from drowning.